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Jumbo Twister

Product description:

Smart Jumbo Twister is a new generation product based on the research and development of Smart Twister, include many advantages such as intelligent single drive module,flexible forming mode,conveyor belt doffing device to make the whole production and transportation more smooth,save labor costs.the intelligent servo control unit can realize the functions of single independent start and stop and one-key setting,allowing users to realize the most efficient production through the simplest operation.

Product details:

Smart Jumbo Twister uses global leading twisting technology, applying to twisting process of staple fiber yarn.


Main Features:

a. The servo system is composed of several servo motors,which are controlled by PLC to run at the set speed ratio to ensure the consistent twist of the machine during operation and start-stop.
b. Equipped with the conveyor belt structure,it can greatly improve the work efficiency and reduce the labor intensity of workers when doffing,and has obvious advantages in the winding process of large winding yarn.
c. The servo spindle adopts the e-save structure,which reduces the energy consumption by about 20%,and the spindle speed can reach 6000r/min,greatly improving the twisting efficiency of large winding.
d. Servo take-up speed up to 120m/min,one-key to set the parameters,electronic anti-stacking,electronic loose edge(mainly used for dyeing cheese),leaving yarn,and other functions,transmission and take-up completely separated,to avoid longitudinal pollution.

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